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 Connecting corporate partners with student-led consulting groups throughout Georgia’s education system to accelerate talent development, corporate growth, and technology innovation.
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Bring your office to their classroom.

GenNext Insights enables corporate partners to bring an undeveloped portfolio of ideas to student-led consulting groups within local colleges and universities for delivery, thus accelerating talent development and producing “FinTech-ready” graduates.

Through the GenNext Insights program, organizations are asked to provide business issues and opportunities for potential projects in desired departments, like Product Management, IT, Data and Analytics, Finance and  Marketing. In addition, the partnering company needs to grant access to resources and advise the students to ensure the project stays on track.

Unlike a class project, GenNext Insights projects are not limited to the academic semester or term. Student teams can stay on a company project during the semester and continue through summer break, winter break and remain engaged for the following spring term. Of course, each project is unique, and the scope and duration of the engagement is dependent on what the organization wants to accomplish and when they need the deliverables.

Programs are staffed jointly with a university faculty member, a student project leader, and a single company executive sponsor. This starts with a well-written problem statement or project prospectus, defined scope and desired deliverables. All successful experiential learning projects requires two key professionals from the company’s team – an executive sponsor and project lead.



Stalled Initiatives


Affordable Projects


Actionable Business Results


Academic Relationships


Prospective Employees


High-Quality Talent

Executive Sponsors

  • Aids in identifying and scoping the project
  • Acts as the internal advocate to ensure momentum
  • Assures resources are available for student use
  • Participates in periodic meetings to stay abreast of progress and, if needed, serve as a point of escalation

Project Leads

  • Works closely with faculty to ensure progress
  • Provides tactical project oversight
  • Is the gateway to the company for the students
  • Participates in regular project meetings

Example Projects

  • Develop a product strategy to capture Millennial audience share
  • Apply machine learning to payment processing
  • Vet marketing strategy for a product launch
  • Develop or refine mobile payment client interface
  • Create post M&A application rationalization
  • Enhance cyber security practicese


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