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 A3 leverages the insights, advice and networks of FinTech’s most experienced and successful executives and experts to help startups and early stage companies drive forward faster


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Ask An Advisor (A3) provides startups and early-stage FinTech companies with direct access to the best and brightest individuals leading the FinTech industry.

Navigating  our regional, national and global financial technology and financial services ecosystem is complicated.  A3 is designed to connect startup, early stage and small company FinTech leaders with those who make things happen—FinTech senior executives versed in the complexities of our industry—so companies can innovate, grow and succeed.

Risk management, cross-border payments, marketing, UX/UI design—whatever your business challenges or questions, we’ve got an expert to connect you with. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Program Parameters – Friction Free and Flexible—to help companies accelerate:

  • Start up, early stage or small company leaders with a defined set of challenges or questions to which to which they seek answers.
  • A3 will establish a 1-to-1 relationship with a senior FinTech executive in our A3 program, who may also bring in other executives or experts to address specific challenges.
  • Six (6) month minimum commit for participating companies and executives.  Expect 2 – 3 hours per month virtual or in-person access—it’s up to the participants.
  • No strings attached.  Executives and Companies are free to extend or expand the relationship in any capacity at the conclusion of the program as they see fit.

What makes A3 different from other advisory programs?

A3 is a one-of-a-kind program connecting early-stage entrepreneurs and business leaders with experienced, proven leaders in FinTech.

Our roster of experts have hundreds of years collective experience across a broad range of skills and subject areas. Payments, banking, treasuries, securities, our advisors are committed to helping you get the advice and direction needed to overcome common and not-so-common challenges for younger and smaller FinTech companies.

Atlanta is the global center for financial technology, and there is nowhere better to go for advice and insight on how to navigate our industry and ecosystem. We know the common pitfalls and tricks of the trade. We’re excited to share them with you—and at no cost or commitment.  That’s the power of FinTech Atlanta, and how we grow our FinTech industry here for the benefit of all who engage.

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